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The confusing digital environment is challenging for companies of all shapes and sizes to navigate. For small businesses in particular, who have traditionally relied on involuntary I.T. managers (IITMs) to handle an organization’s network and technology demands, the need to create a role that is exclusively and expertly devoted to I.T. has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Between ever-growing vulnerabilities to network systems and data, as well as significant losses in overall company productivity, the need for small businesses to forgo the traditional IITM model and embrace dedicated I.T. support increases by the day.

Loss of Company Productivity

There was a time when the in-house finance or HR staff could handle a company’s I.T. needs without seeing a significant loss of overall productivity. However, as the digital landscape has expanded in scope and complexity, those I.T. demands have required more of an IITM’s time and attention.

In fact, according to a recent study from AMI-Partners, 3.8 million small businesses still use IITMs for their IT needs, spending an estimated $83 billion on I.T. and communications alone. In doing so, small businesses lost $24 billion in productivity by diluting the time of the in-house IITMs, drawing them from their typical responsibilities by adding a company’s I.T. tasks. From an efficiency perspective, most small businesses would be better served using expert I.T. support rather than simply adding it to the already heavy workload of existing employees.

Lack of Expertise

Today’s I.T. environment requires sophisticated networks capable of syncing with multiple platforms and devices while maintaining data security in an insecure environment. Even small businesses demand a significant amount of expertise to adequately fulfill their I.T. needs. In that same study from AMI-Partners, over a quarter of IITMs do not feel they are qualified to handle their company’s I.T. demands. With ransomware and data vulnerabilities making such frequent headlines, those feelings of inadequate training and expertise are bound to grow with time.

A Simple Solution for Complex Issues

For small companies to protect their networks and data while not sacrificing the productivity needed for success, they need to find a trusted partner that will efficiently and effectively handle their I.T. needs.

In-house hires for small business don’t make sense.  The cost of a qualified employee, their limited range of expertise, sick days, vacations, knowledge transfer, benefits cost, even where to put them make the outlay too high and too risky.  

Outsourcing IT to a team of experts with multiple layers of redundancy, complementary skills, 24x7x365 availability and solid leadership is the smart play here.  For less than the cost of an employee and many times the skills of an IITM, a small business can receive exceptional services to help them thrive.

And, may we suggest –  CommonGood I.T. has been that trusted partner for businesses throughout the country since 1996. With an unparalleled expertise in today’s demanding I.T. environment, as well as a genuine mission to leave a positive imprint on society, CommonGood I.T. provides small companies the reliable expertise needed in their demanding business environment.