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Every good manager knows putting the right people in the right place at the right time is the key to success.  But finding the right people in IT is especially difficult.  That’s where managed services and IT consulting firms come in.  

No one person can be an expert in everything.  A great IT consulting firm will have on-staff, experts in a variety of technology and usually top IT director and manager skills.  Each of these things can be applied to strengthen the organization and develop the systems to support the company.

Beefing up your internet technology department is essential in this era of all things digital. From efficient email to data storage and e-commerce, having an IT department or consulting firm in your corner can help your bottom line. On the other hand, letting your IT fall to the wayside may yield noticeably negative results. Here are just a few of the ways ineffective IT can affect your organization’s financial health.


Slow internet connections, crashing programs and lost data all slow down your workforce. What is your most expensive asset?  Your employees of course.  And keeping them working at max efficacy is essential to your success.  How much productivity does your company lose to outmoded systems now?  In many cases, people simply can’t get their work done if they’re not connected. This lost time equates to less output and means your employees are sitting around instead of creating new content, reports or leads. Solid IT improves productivity and reduces costly downtime caused by lack of connectivity or loss of critical data.

Focused Resources

When your employees are working like a well-oiled machine and your technology is humming along, you can stop wasting money on unsustainable fingers in the dike. Having a tumultuous IT situation affects your bottom line by pulling financial resources away from product development, marketing and more. Get your IT game in order, and suddenly, you can focus your resources on innovation and new business. Employees morale suffers when their systems don’t work.  It means longer days, fear of deadlines missed and lower results for their work.  Having good IT solutions often helps you retain employees, which also saves you money and allows you to focus resources on things other than hiring.

Customer Service

If your internet connection is not functional, prompt customer service becomes nearly impossible. When vital systems are down, your employees may not have access to the pertinent information needed to provide a satisfactory answer to a customer or vendor. In fact, you may not realize a customer has attempted to reach out at all. This miscommunication ultimately hurts your professional relationships and will take a financial toll over time.

Investing in your technology today is simply too important to ignore. If you’re noticing a lag in productivity due to lost time, partner with the right provider today.