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Cause Marketing

Everyone Wins, means EVERYONE WINS. Nonprofits raise money. Supporters gain improved computer systems. CommonGood I.T. grows. We can do it together.
Getting started is easy

Give us Five minutes to watch this video.  It will change how you raise money – forever.

You need to raise money every day to fulfill your mission.   Times are hard and people are donating less than they used to.  COVID continues to be a factor in every decision. 

The same-old methods are not working.  Donations are tighter and probably going to get worse as we recover. 

There are a few choices:  Innovate, Hope, Underperform or Fail.   

We’re here to help you innovate.  Our cause -marketing platform is fully managed and turnkey.  It is incredibly powerful, with the potential of supplying millions of dollars of passive revenue. 

We do that by providing a large percentage of the labor revenue we charge to those who are ‘referred’ by our outreach back to your organization forever. The donation engine runs as long as the IT contracts sourced through your organization exist. 

The CommonGood Cause Marketing Platform empowers us tgive back to the Denver and Boulder communities, along with having a worldwide impact.


It is easy

  1. We craft the communications to connect your community with our IT computer support services through our cause marketing campaign. 
  2. For those who sign up at the fundraiser, we provide exceptional IT and network security services to their business and in turn, your organization receives 6% of the labor revenue generated for as long as we do business together. 
  3. We mail a check every quarter and you take it to the bank.

Excited to help schools

We want to provide schools money to replace earnings from candy and soda vending machines and reduce childhood obesity. We are excited to have our cause marketing help our Denver and Boulder communities and kids around the globe! 

We deliver

Exceptional value in the relationship — superb and secure computer network systems. When supporters of your nonprofits do business with us, they receive peace of mind and enhanced productivity that comes with best-of-breed computer systems management.


Our cause marketing program runs for as long as all parties work together. It grows as we collaborate on your goals.

Annual Referral RevenuePercentage of Gross Consulting ServicesQuarterly Revenue (Max)Annual Revenue (Max)
$50,001 – $100,0006$1,500$6,000
$100,001 – $200,0006$3,000$16,000
$200,001 – $500,0006$7,500$30,000
$500,000 – $10000006$15,000$60,000

We recognize that your reputation is at stake here – and you have questions.  Please reach out to us via the link below.  We’ll be happy to answer anything you ask.