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Cause Marketing

Everyone Wins, means EVERYONE WINS. Nonprofits raise money. Supporters gain improved computer systems. CommonGood I.T. grows. We can do it together.
Getting started is easy

Our cause marketing strategy is unique and exceptional in its ability to offer an easy cause marketing system for schools, nonprofits, and churches in the Boulder and Denver, CO areas and nationwide.

You want a fundraiser idea that is easy to implement, has high payoff and provides great value to those receiving the service. We do that for you by providing a percentage of our revenue back to your organization- forever. This cause marketing keeps on giving for the life of all IT support services contracts sourced from your organization.

Creating greater value for charitable gifts is the largest problem most fundraisers face. One of the best ways to overcome it is to tie the donation to something of value. In doing so, the equation becomes more about the desired object of value than the decision to give.

That’s why special events and product promotions work so well. It takes the mind of the buyer off the costs and provides an emotional reason to make the purchase decision. Cause Marketing lets us give back to the Denver and Boulder communities, along with having a worldwide impact, while providing your organization with a valuable service


It is easy

You offer a fundraiser and connect your community with our IT computer support services through our cause marketing campaign. For those who sign up at the fundraiser, we provide quality, reliable IT services to their business and in turn, your organization receives 10%-16% of the revenue generated for as long as we do business together. Every business needs IT computer support, so cause marketing is easy!

Excited to help schools

We want to provide schools money to replace earnings from candy and soda vending machines and reduce childhood obesity. Without the vending machines, the kids and teachers at the school will be healthier and the schools will still have earnings from us to keep programs funded. We are excited to have our cause marketing help our Denver and Boulder communities and kids around the globe!

We deliver

Exceptional value in the relationship — amazingly well running computer network systems. When supporters of Nonprofits do business with us, they receive peace of mind and enhanced productivity that comes with best-of-breed computer systems management.


Our cause marketing program runs for as long as all parties work together. So, when we manage a large business’ network at the budget of a million dollars a year — the nonprofit will receive 8% of our labor costs for the first year and every year after that for as long as parties do business together.


Annual Referral RevenuePercentage of Gross Consulting ServicesQuarterly Revenue (Max)Annual Revenue (Max)
$50,001 – $100,0008$2,000$8,000
$100,001 – $200,0008$4,000$16,000
$200,001 – $500,0008$10,000$40,000
$500,000 – $10000008$20,000$80,000



The fixed or free guarantee: If there is an issue that we can’t solve, your supporter will not need to pay! But, we’ll make the donation to the cause as if they had!


Computer systems and frustration can run hand in hand. We make computing easy to boost enjoyment and productivity.


We’ll build campaigns together to ask your supporters to ‘donate’ by doing business with us. When they do, we’ll donate to you