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If you manage the informational data for your company’s database operations, you understand all too well the need for network security. Computer data is continually at risk because of its sensitivity. Banks, medical centers, colleges and law firms all need to make sure that the data they hold in their caches are safe and secure.
That’s why businesses that are staying on top of today’s technology depend on Boulder network security specialists to assist them in the running and managing of IT data and security.
Some of the domains that are covered in network security operations include access control, personnel security, asset classification, communication and operations management and compliance and system development. These domains, in turn, are broken down and further listed under a number of control objectives, each of which can be accomplished by fulfilling certain specified steps.
For example, one domain, communication and operations management, features several control objectives that must be fulfilled. One of these goals is the exchange of info and software. This objective is designed to prevent data loss or the misuse of information that is exchanged between companies. Boulder network security specialists follow up by breaking down each component in a domain so it becomes more understandable and easier to assess.
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