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These days, non profit organizations don’t have the easiest time getting ahead. Whether problems arise when you file for exempt with the Internal Revenue Service or when you approach the State with not for profit activity information, it’s a tricky business to get into. If you’re lucky enough to be up and running, why risk any problems when you’re already in business? CommonGood I.T., a prominent Boulder network security company, is here to help. We’ve managed high profile not for profits in the past, and we continue to do so. Our company is the only in the world to pioneer cause marketing.
At this point, you might be wondering what cause marketing is. Many fundraisers thrown by non profit organizations fail, sadly. This is because often, people who are potentially donating to a fundraiser and it’s cause can’t find value in what they receive. The next time your NPO puts on a fundraiser, however, they’ll find something new: direction towards CommonGood I.T.. When we work with people referred by you, your organization will earn the anywhere from ten to sixteen percent of the revenue that company makes! This return your non profit gets will continue to be given until we stop working with that client.
Out of thousands of reasons we’re better than other Boulder network security companies, our cause marketing strategy is the biggest. We’re committed to building profitable relationships with NPOs in Boulder and nationwide! If your nonprofit organization is ready to join hands with CommonGood I.T., you can reach us at 1-800-385-2448.