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With the advancement of technology, enterprises must scale faster to meet customer needs. This requires a robust operation and management of IT services. However, managing your IT services can be difficult whether you’re a new small business or an established Fortune-500 enterprise. Luckily, managed IT services provides a viable, proactive solution. Discover the benefits of managed IT services.

Experience Cost Savings

Costs are a constant pain point that enterprises often face. From meeting data storage needs to increased costs associated with hiring and maintaining benefits, it’s easy for your IT budget to dwindle. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee benefits accounted for 31.7 percent of employee compensation costs in March 2017 alone. Managed IT services help to reduce these costs. You can leverage the data storage that managed IT service providers have and cut costs training and recruitment costs. Additionally, you can save on maintaining employment benefits, such as health insurance premiums, vacation pay and sick time.

Increase Productivity

Staying agile and innovative in a competitive IT environment requires having the resources to drive your business processes forward. Moreover, the right computer systems can help your workers improve productivity levels. Managed IT services offer the benefit of overall enhanced productivity and scalability for expansion, including deployment, freeing up IT workers’ time and shorter turnaround time.

Maintain Uptime

Staying up-to-date is crucial for servicing your customers. With a managed IT services contract, you can maximize the maintenance of your uptime. Managed IT services often come with round-the-clock support to help you keep your system functioning. This is a critical benefit to have, especially when a site crashes or a system failure occurs.

Leverage Network Security

Twenty-sixteen saw more than 1,000 data breaches in the United States–a 40 percent increase from 2015. Data breaches cost U.S. businesses and government agencies more than $7 million, including expenses for lost customers, remediation, regulatory fines and legal fees. However, employing managed IT services helps to alleviate these costs by providing network security services, such as data loss prevention and system compliance checks. This allows you to have peace-of-mind so your team can confidently focus on delivering quality products and services while staying in compliance with internal and external regulatory rules.

Platform Agnostic Expertise

People tend to suggest what they are good at when offering solutions to business problems.  If your IT manager is a Microsoft expert, you can bet he or she will suggest Microsoft.  Managed services providers have to be experts in a variety of technologies to meet the needs of their diverse clients.  This means, they can help with Mac, Microsoft and Linux at any given time and guide your company towards the solution that best fits it, rather than themselves.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need extra support to maintain compliance or expand your company to meet demand, managed IT services provides a variety of worthwhile benefits. Instead of managing all of your IT functions, consider using a professional team of specialized experts that understand the support and service you need.